What Do I Need to Know About Botox?

Many think they have discovered Botox, that they know what it is and what it is about. Whether you think it’s just a vanity treatment for the rich and famous or a painful way to look younger, here are the facts you need to know about Botox and what it can do for you.

Millions of people use Botox around the world; It is the most popular cosmetic procedure in the UK and is used for both cosmetic and medical treatments. Botox (or botulinum toxin) is a natural protein that is most often used to treat the most visible signs of aging, such as wrinkles and frown lines, by injecting small amounts into the facial muscles.

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Generally, nerve cells release chemicals that cause muscles to tighten, leading to fine lines and wrinkles, but Botox blocks these chemical signals, causing a slight weakening of muscle contraction and smoothing the muscle. The appearance of the skin. Contrary to popular belief, skillfully applied Botox does not completely paralyze the facial muscles; it simply relaxes and reduces your response, reducing severe facial lines.

A course of Botox injections is an incredibly safe procedure, with minimal side effects. You may experience slight bruising and tightness after treatment, but this disappears leaving you with beautiful skin without lines. However, there are some groups of people who should not use Botox.

These include pregnant and lactating women and anyone with a disease that affects the nerves or muscles. Certain medications can react with Botox and you should consult your doctor if you are taking antibiotics before undergoing any Botox treatment.