Facebook Chatbot A Marketing Tool

The latest advertising platform to join the wars in e-commerce is the Facebook Chatbot. Introduced at the end of May, Messenger Bot makes use of the artificial intelligence technology to help in customer service and promotional campaigns. However, with this new marketing initiative, social media experts are of the opinion that the bot technology will be limited. That being said, marketers will have to use the Bot as a part of their marketing strategy.

With the introduction of the Bot, an automated system will be incorporated into any given site. Once this happens, all the information about the product or service has to be shared through the bot. As a result, the same site will be able to function as a portal for the bot to collect data about customers, which will then be sold to the advertiser.

To ensure the success of the Bot, the first thing that marketers have to do is to familiarize themselves with the new software. The Bot will be offered to interested parties free of charge, so this should not prove too hard a thing.

Bots are programmed with artificial intelligence, which makes them able to act in a human way. Moreover, these bots will be sent messages through the e-mail inbox. Therefore, they are not going to annoy the customers by continuing to send messages even after the customer has opened his or her inbox.

Chatbots can be customized in many ways, depending on the individual preferences of the user. In addition, users will be able to tell the bot what product they want, as well as telling it when they want to receive updates regarding the same.

In addition, customers will also be able to tell the bot what events or activities they wish to be notified about. For example, they can tell the bot that they wish to be informed when they buy a particular product. In this way, the customer can be informed about any new promotion, etc.

On the other hand, the Messenger Bot can also be programmed to search the internet for data, such as details regarding specific products. Once the bot finds such data, it will be able to act accordingly. It will even be possible for customers to tell the bot their likes and dislikes.

Another feature of the Facebook Chatbot is that it can also be set to inform the customer when there is a new product to be introduced. Again, the customer will be informed about this, regardless of whether he or she subscribes to any new promotion. Similarly, customers can also tell the bot how they wish to be notified about any recent promotions.

Therefore, it can be seen that the Bot can be used as a part of any e-commerce website. As a result, it is not a very big deal to install a bot.

Although the Bots can be used by any e-commerce site, it is important to ensure that the bot is the real deal. In fact, this is an important aspect that marketers have to ensure before the business decides to implement a bot.

Apart from ensuring that the bot is authentic, it is also important to ensure that the Bot is equipped with the proper marketing tools. In this way, the bot will be able to advertise itself in an effective manner.

As a result, it will be possible for customers to register for updates. Therefore, it will be possible for customers to receive e-mails about all the latest developments pertaining to the bot.