All About Hoist Systems

In almost all construction fields and industrial environments, various complex functions such as lifting and transportation of goods and materials are needed. 

Some decades ago, before the emergence of machines, labor was used to handle complex and difficult tasks such as heavy raw materials and heavy objects were lifted and moved with the help of hundreds or thousands of men and women. 

These projects were completed very slowly and gradually. Now, we have various types of hoists. If you want detailed information about hoist, click here

Also Known as “ รอกคลิกที่นี่ in the Thai Language).

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A hoist is basically a mechanical device that helps in lifting heavy loads and objects with the help of the cylindrical device. There are basically two types of hoist: one is manually operated hoists and another one is automatically operated hoists. 

Further extensions of automatically operated hoists  are electrical hoists and pneumatic hoists. Before buying a hoist, one must confirm some important features that are very necessary for the right functioning. 

Good hoist must have variable speed, extraordinary operation, fast response, comfort in use, compact and lightweight, stable brakes, effectively with an optional trolley and free of danger in the explosive area.