All About Hoist and its Types

The hoist system is very important in the mining industry and many others. There are a number of different hoists that have been designed and produced for years.

Hoists are devices used to lift heavy loads. This is done using a drum or lift wheel that has a rope or chain attached to it. In many ways the hoist structure works like a pulley. A hoist was created to move objects that are usually very difficult to move, from point A to point B. This is mainly because of very heavy objects. 

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(Also known as “ ระบบรอกเยี่ยมชม “ in the Thai Language).

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The Hoist structure uses the basic principle of equalising forces to work and reduce some weight of the object. Basically depending on the media lifting and power type, it will determine how productive the hoist system is. Two main types of hoist are:

Manual: Original hoist, before electricity, hoists are used to work by having human or animal transporting loads. It really helps create ancient buildings that are still standing today. It is recommended that you do not use manual hoist except absolutely necessary.

Electric: This system works using electricity. It’s simple about the switch and watching the load transported to the desired destination. This is a must to increase productivity during the industrial era.

Hoists are a simple way to move heavy loads which is why even though there is a technological advance they are still a very decent “transportation” tool.