Automated Lighting Control Systems

Auto lighting systems have looked like things on the science fiction market for years, and often only appear at large exhibitions such as the World's Fair. Over the years this has grown full circle and now, if anything, the public is lagging in their knowledge of what is achievable in the world of auto lighting.

The auto lighting industry is moving faster than the general public and this is of course due to the reduced costs that are now available. You can also browse PD Building Automation to find more information about automated lighting control.

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This is also because automated lighting systems can be used alone or in combination with television surveillance as a security instrument. There is also an energy-saving aspect where the lights can be turned on or off when someone enters or leaves the room. Taking a walk in the refrigerator or closed office are common examples.

There may also be security benefits, e.g. If you go down the stairs at night and the automatic lighting system can activate the lights when there is someone to make sure that the light is available to avoid accidents.

At present, cheap internal systems are somewhat limited and often don't seem ready to function as they should. Turning it on when someone is in the room or turning it off when you are away can be difficult to understand.

However, the newest systems include some very sophisticated controls that can do almost anything you could dream of when it comes to a home lighting system.