The Affordable Care Act’s Senior Care Benefits: Stopping Medicare Fraud

According to the Federal Investigation Bureau, Medicare fraud contributes between 3% and 10% of all bills every year, making a problem somewhere between what you expect 'and' is quite worrying. ' In 2015, the estimation was that Medicare fraud would cost the country somewhere between $ 15 and $ 50 billion dollars.

To stop the bleeding of our tax dollar, the Ministry of Health and Human Services gathered together with the Ministry of Justice in 2009 to create heat – a team of prevention and enforcement enforcement enforcement. You can get trusted affordable care act reporting services to fulfill the healthcare coverage requirements.

While they are not so hot with acronyms, they have done a decent job to start problems, after revealing more than 1,400 hucksters and stopping more than $ 10.7 billion in fraud billing – making it the only anti-unit of fraudulent tasks since the time of Al Capone, And then, this happens:

Affordable care law (A.K.A. Obamacare) has dramatically strengthened the power that has hot harvests in pursuing Medicare fraud in several ways, including:

Managing ACA Reporting in 2019

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  • New Penalty Guidelines, Harder In A Large Timer: ACA increases the recommendations of federal punishment for any health care fraud by more than $ 1 million as much as 50%.
  • Enhanced Filtering Process: Heat compiles the profile of what looks like a provider of 'high fraud risk', and Obamacare provides a task force with the tools and authority to kick supervision suppliers into high teeth, requires an in-depth license examination and even site visits.
  • Advanced Crime Battle Technology: New Advanced Predictive Modeling System examines supplier and consumer behavior, and directs resources in the direction that shows suspicious behavior before fraud that has been proven to have occurred.
  • More Money: ACA provides an additional $ 350 million for the next 10 years to complement existing anti-fraud efforts.