What Are The Queries For Each computer Consultant Possible?

The second stage of the control computer consultants involves a face-to-face meeting with each organization that remains after your research on recommendations.

Here you can learn more useful questions to ask at this stage:

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1. Can you offer fixed prices?

Contractual, fixed/retained pricing is often the best choice for computer-managed services. A restraint structure ensures that you will pay the same amount each month, even though dozens of overtime are needed for certain months. Computer consultants often prefer retaining contracts as well because, in this situation, they are ensured a regular income.

2. What software and other certifications for you?

Ideally, your computer consultant will be well versed in the specific systems used in your business. Like doctors who specialize in some physiological systems, computer consultants often focus on some niche industry. In order for your IT partner to be an expert in the computer needs of your sector, ask for a complete list of current certifications.

3. Will you allow my employees to help you?

A big fear of business leaders is that a wealth of computer skills will be lost if a computer partnership ends. 

To avoid this occurrence and reduce your computer costs over time, ask each consultant if it will allow employees to manage the less technical aspects of your IT managed services. This will allow you to shave the hours optionally in the future – and to assign your computer consultant to more advanced problems.

Last stages: Once you have a good computer consultant, and a service contract has been established, analyze the contract very carefully. Your lawyer and your accountant should each consider the agreement before signing any contract for computer-managed services.