How Carpets Became Popular in Your Area

As time passed, they became famous around the world and the great progress made in the carpet industry. It evolved from hand made to machine made carpets.

The most important carpet is hand made. They need a lot of human energy and high quality. They are the oldest type but is still in demand, appreciated and appeal. They are well designed, chic, elegant and stylish. Handmade flat weave area carpets are still a symbol of status and class.

With the passage of time, the machine has been designed to make carpets. Quality carpet determines the price tag. Usually hand-woven carpets are expensive because they utilize a lot of human energy and time. handmade carpets are mostly made in Pakistan, Turkey and Iran because of its low labor costs.

There are different types of carpet. Almost all of them are made keeping in mind the nature of its use. Formal use involves less use of carpet.  

Among the most popular, The woven rug is on the top of list. They are much similar to that hand made, and is the most expensive type of carpet. They are made on looms and consists of yarns of different colors. Colored threads help in making the most deluxe and luxurious designs are pre-determined.