Promote Inner Harmony Using Natural Skin Care Products

Once autumn turns into winter, we need to protect our skin against drier and colder air by adjusting our skincare regime and using much richer day and night moisturizers and natural skincare products with occasional applications of pure seed oil that will maintain the softness and suppleness of the skin.

There is a wide variety of skincare products that have the ability to nourish enliven and protect delicate skin such as oils and herb extracts, Just as we need to rotate our diet to avoid developing sensitivities and be well-nourished, so you need to rotate your moisturizing skincare products to keep your skin responds.


Once your skin becomes accustomed to the same active ingredients, it will become less active. To eliminate and slough off dead cell congestion, exfoliate with a natural exfoliating product or facial peel. Treat yourself to a mini home spa and promote the health of your skin by regularly using creamy conditioning facial masques, mud packs or seed oil.

It is good to cleanse the system of congestion by eliminating fried foods, sugar, dairy products and wheat for a week or two. Drinking burdock red root tea promotes clear skin and supports the liver and other organs as well as cleanses the lymphatic system. By humidifying the room air you will prevent dry and chapped skin and blocked nasal passages.