How to Find the Best Jacket for your Body Type

A good jacket always enhances your body shape and style of dress. Therefore, it is very important to choose the best jacket according to your body type. It is now really easy to find the best short sleeves jacket via

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Here are some tips to help you find a jacket that fits your body shape:-

Apple Body Shape: When you have a moderate chest, round belly, and thinner thighs, you have an apple shaped body. For an apple-shaped body structure, consider a thigh-length textured jacket to add meaning to your top. Or, you can opt for a long coat to lengthen your lines.

Pear body shape: The main features of a pear body shape are wider thighs and hips, narrower shoulders, wider buttocks, and small breasts. People in this category should try to look slim with their thighs and enlarge their chest and shoulders. Therefore, the ideal length of the jacket is up to the waist or three quarters so that it can cover the thighs and bottom without making it bulky. Choose a double-breasted coat that matches the shape of the pear's body. Avoid waist-high side pockets.

Hourglass Shaped Body: The main features of an hourglass shaped body are the thighs and chest are nearly identical with a pronounced waist that is smaller than the chest. Her breasts are full and her legs are well shaped. 

A fitted jacket is the best choice for this body shape, as is a fitted jacket that narrows at the waist and enhances your figure. You can choose any length of jacket because your shape is good. The single-breasted jacket matches your figure. Try to avoid overemphasized jacket shoulders or pocket details.