Typical Problems with Dangerous Truck Companies

Semi-truck drivers drive thousands of miles across the US each year delivering large parcels and goods. To prepare for this shipment, the tractor unit loaded several thousand pounds of goods.

The fact that commercial vehicles are so important to our shipping industry does not mean that they are less dangerous for other motorists. Because of the size of the commercial vehicle and the loads it carries, its accidents can be catastrophic and fatal over and over again.  You can search more details about regional trucking corporations via https://www.jetttrucking.com/.

Typical Problems with Dangerous Truck Companies

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While commercial vehicle accidents may be caused by negligent driver error, mechanical failure, or negligent commercial vehicle driver, a surprising number of accidents are caused by companies owning and operating their commercial vehicles and outsourcing the work to drivers.

First, FMCSA limits the amount of time trailer drivers can elapse to a day. Service time is determined by FMCSA. These restrictions are designed to protect tractor unit drivers from sleep deprivation due to neglect and other drivers on the road.

In many cases, commercial vehicle manufacturers will turn a blind eye or even force their drivers to take time off to earn more profits. However, commercial transport companies can operate dangerous roads.

Another potentially devastating mistake tractor-trailer manufacturers make is their negligence. In the case of negligent recruitment, the freight company does not fully verify the candidate's driver's license before hiring.

An applicant for a tractor-trailer company may have experienced several safety breaches in the past that would have made him dangerous on the road. For example, if articulated truck drivers experience multiple safety breaches, the company should avoid giving them access to the road.