How To Choose An Online Tutor

Here are some tips on how to choose a good online chemistry teacher. To know about joining h2 chemistry tuition visit

1. Talk to your child or their teacher to find out which subjects they are struggling with. The rating is a clear indicator. From here, you can consider group training or individual online training. Everyone has advantages and disadvantages.

2. Learn about the different types of online teachers.

– Undergraduate and undergraduate students make up the majority of online education providers. They have relevant knowledge but may not have teaching knowledge.

– Current and previous teachers have extensive teaching experience as they work with large groups of children. However, school teachers charge higher fees and a tighter schedule.

– Full-time teachers fill the gap between part-time and faculty members. Because their education is a means of income, full-time teachers often combine the best part-time teachers and teachers.

3. Ask about teaching experiences and / or mentor guidance

– Are teachers teaching in training centres, schools or as private online teachers?

– How long has the teacher been teaching? Teachers who have prepared teaching materials are usually preferred. However, younger teachers are also successful in this area, with most being more familiar with the latest curriculum. You can also have a new or more flexible teaching approach.

4. Find out what academic level and subjects the teacher is teaching.

– How do teachers assess the subjects he teaches? Keep in mind that grades achieved several years ago may not fully reflect the current mastery of the subject.

– Do the teachers specialize in certain subjects and at certain academic levels? This specialization shows how strong the teacher is in the subject and how well he knows the curriculum.