Greenhouse Environment Management Computer

Many gardeners prefer greenhouse homes because they can be used as a free-standing structure or can be easily attached to the house or garage. The choice between the greenhouse is usually made on the basis of individual preference and the selected location.

An added greenhouse may come in the form of a half-size, full size or structure of the extended window. The climate control manager system control your greenhouse through cold winter and warm summer months.

Temperature, humidity, and Co2 is correctly controlled within the greenhouse into your set points throughout the night and day. The environment within the greenhouse is quite determined by the weather conditions outside the greenhouse.

The Climate Supervisor app takes into account external weather conditions, like solar power, external temperatures, rain, and wind, and makes adjustments to attain the greatest possible climate within your greenhouse. You may expect the climate supervisor to restrain the greenhouse microclimate and watch over the greenhouse from harsh weather conditions.

The Fertigation Manager is a searchable fertilizer injector system that permits you to blend online a variety of feeding formulations for various plants. The user-friendly software application lets you initiate the Fertigation applications based in a mix with solar energy accumulation, and from moisture detectors. These apps will help you save time, water, and fertilizer prices using precise computer control irrigation and fertilizer management leading to healthier plants and better returns.