How To Play Coin Master

This is a very simple game that can be played by anyone over the age of five. Here, if you want to win this game, then you must complete all of the villages. As the game moves forward, the village gets expensive than the previous one.

To get the coin, you have to spin the slot; in addition to the spinning slot, you can also earn money by raiding villages and attacking other players. To attack and rob, there is a special event. You can also get coin master free spins online.

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You have to rotate to play this game; every hour, five free spins awarded to the player. To get more spin, you must complete a set of cards. This card you will get out of the chest, chest to buy as much as you can.

In the master game coins, three pets will help during the game. Third Rhino pet, Foxy, and the Tiger. First, you need to hatch them in villages and complete a set of cards. This pet will help you to protect your village and get more coins.


In 2020, Coin Master is one of the trending application on Google play store and the App Store. The players never get tired of playing this game, and they never regret downloading it.

You can play coin master with your family and with your friends and build a village together, which cannot be destroyed easily. When you start playing this game, do not forget to connect with your Facebook account because after that many benefits will be given to you do not want to lose.