Why It’s Important To Digitally Transform Your Business

"Digital transformation" is not just a slogan. These are the basic concepts of my business model and I hope that after reading them, you will understand why they should be the basic concepts of your own business. You can get other important details of 'digitization via https://hapticmedia.fr/blog/digitalisation/' (also known as 'digitalisation via https://hapticmedia.fr/blog/digitalisation/ in the French Language).

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In essence, digital transformation is the process of moving your entire business from an old platform to a new, efficient and digitally attractive model. There are so many different things that go with it, but let's see how it works for sales and marketing.

Digital transformation can repeatedly transfer your sales and marketing from the physical world to phone calls, flyers, and emails on the internet. These older "analogue" techniques still prevail but have become less effective over time. Why is that? E-commerce technology has reached the point where they launch physical ads out of the water.

People are still buying more than ever before, but where are they doing it? You buy online instead of going to a store. Have you heard of a "showroom"? This is a term retailers use to refer to people who walk into a store to get a taste of a physical product and then search for the best price online. 

Best Buy in particular, when this happens so often they have done part of the business model in hopes of getting people to buy in-store products through the Best Buy website. (Smart Thinking Best Buy, a way to digitally transform yourself instead of fighting against it!)