Know About The African Black Soap

People but distinct beauty products from health shops, pharmacies and multi-level marketing and advertising businesses. They are very expensive products that claim they contain "all-natural ingredients". But in reality, they contain additives that have chemicals. Not only people pay a high cost for these products but they are also not "organic" or"natural".

Instead of being these non-organic products, you can consider using black soap. This soap is a pure soap from western Africa and doesn't include any additives. You can use this soap on your face, hair and body. You can buy the best African black soap at

african black soap dudu osun

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The bark and leaves of the shea tree are sun-dried then roasted in a pot. The "soap" is made to place for 2 weeks to heal.

Black soap that's produced in Africa is known to be the lightest, although black soaps manufactured in Europe and other states often have additional artificial ingredient – that is the point where the prices builds in our retail globe. Black soap can vary in color from beige to dark brown. It shouldn't be black – if so, you will find color additives to coordinate with the name – do not fall for this advertising strategy.

Since the soap includes shea butter, in addition, it includes a pure material of non UV protection (15 SPF). The soap can also be great for sensitive skin and can be used for infants and the elderly. The African black soap is utilized by a number of the indigenous tribes in Africa to wash babies after birth, therefore, it is safe to use.