High Energy Rumen Bypass Fat Supplement For Animals

Rumen bypass fat is very important for drying the fat mixed with animal feed. It is dry fat with high MR that is mostly insoluble at stomach temperature. They are mainly made by the hydrolysis of fatty acids from palm oil.

Especially the role of bypass fat in the ratio of highly productive dairy cows is very important in increasing the energy density of the ratio. So, undigested dietary fat in the rumen passes through the rumen and is finally digested in the lower GIT.

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pass fat for dairy cows

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However, bypass fat for cows is available in the market as RUMOFAT. It is obtained from refined palm oil and consists of "CALCIUM SALT" from long-chain fatty acids, which also serve as an additional source of calcium.


-Ideal supplement for boosting energy in animals during lactation and late pregnancy.

-Increase in milk production

-Improve reproductive performance

-Effective in ketosis, acidosis, milk fever

Rumofat is an energy-rich bypass fat for livestock. Contains calcium salts, live yeast culture, bypass fat, bypass protein, and milk booster.

The preset calcium salts in Rumofat are a good source of calcium. The live yeast culture present in it to improve digestive system function and the bypass protein needs to increase milk fat. 


1. Very high fat content (99%)

2. A good source of energy