Removing Breast Implants – Must Read Information

Surgical removal of breast implants is becoming more common because breast augmentation is now the first choice for plastic surgery in women. Many patients who choose this popular procedure are not aware of the fact that breast implants are not devices that are only installed for life. They also don't know that breast augmentation is not just a one-time operation.

In clinical trials, nearly one third of all women who undergo this procedure must undergo subsequent surgery in four to five years to replace, treat, or remove breast implants permanently.

Some plastic surgeons openly state that each breast enlargement operation automatically means another operation at a later time. You can also look for the best surgeon for breast implant elimination in Dallas.

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The study still cannot determine exactly how long the implant will last because of the variables involved. Therefore, doctors can only offer strong judgments based on their experiences with past patients regarding implant durability.

Although physiological implants are an option for many women who are concerned about safety issues related to toxicity, these implants seem to require more advanced treatment for other problems.

Enhanced silicone implants have only been available again in recent years after they were withdrawn from the market in some women due to previous toxic effects. This synthetic material seems to be more durable for longer periods.

However, the shelf life of both types is estimated to be ten years if there are no negative variables in both the patient and the product.