Employment Screening Services – Making the Right Choice for Employers

Every day employers risk their reputation, money, and safety by making costly hiring mistakes. You can even be held accountable for these mistakes in court! The Employment Screening Service offers a basic solution:

Why check applicants?

Recruitment is a huge expense for employers, so it makes sense to fix it the first time. Hiring the wrong people can be a costly mistake, and not just financially. You can look for professional background screening services.

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The reputation of the employer is at stake whenever employees interact with customers, the public and other employees. There are several reasons employers should consider potential employees:

  • Ensuring the safety of employees and customers;
  • to prevent theft and unauthorized use of confidential information;
  • Avoiding victims of identity theft;
  • Some positions require certain qualifications or experience.
  • confirm the legal right to employment status;
  • Provides the right "mix" of skills and behaviors;
  • Reducing exposure to government audits and sanctions;
  • To avoid liability for negligent work – if the employer does not take reasonable precautions not to employ someone whose background creates a predictable risk of injury;

Screening of job candidates is not universal for all assignments. There are a variety of reviews that employment agencies can carry out, including criminal history, credit checks, education and employment tests, professional clearance and accreditation, employee performance history, skills and behavior assessments, as well as social security checks, immigration numbers and status and international controls. Every employer has their own requirements.