Brief Introduction Of Configuration Management

The main benefit of formal configuration management is the outcome of a project with good change management that is evidenced by properly identified, structured, linked, and owned changes. Configuration management includes documentation that explains why design changes were made, who approved the changes, and who was the designated owner for the changes. 

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According to the PMBOK, project managers have the following responsibilities for change management:

1. Know when the change occurred.

2. Filter changes based on inappropriate people.

3. Make sure the changes are useful.

4. Manage changes as they occur.

Configuration management is a system for fulfilling these tasks as well as for checking product, system, and software versions.

The main issue with configuration management is that it takes time, money, and can introduce a level of formality that some find unnecessary or impractical. If all project managers were running around computers, we didn't need formal documentation and configuration management (CM) tools.

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