Botox Injections – Helpful Advice Before Your First Treatment

If you've never had Botox before, here are some questions the average Botox user has before their first injection.

Is Botox Completely Safe?

When Botox first appeared, there was a fear that it could make you sick because it stemmed from botulism. Well, science has caught up with modern times and although Botox still has its roots in botulism, it is completely safe for people to use to diminish the lines on their face.

Will I get hurt or swollen after treatment?

In most cases, bruising and swelling are minimal. But occasionally, you will see some bruising after receiving a Botox treatment because the injection needle hit a vein below the surface of the skin. Unfortunately, there is no way around this completely and some people will hurt themselves more than others. To know more about online botox courses, you may visit the International Academy of Aesthetics.

If you plan to receive Botox for a large event, the best way to plan for occasional bruising is to schedule your Botox treatment at least two weeks in advance. This gives enough time for bruising or swelling to disappear after treatment.


Like most aggressive cosmetic treatments, Botox comes with a small dose of pain. However, an experienced injector can do a couple of things to make sure this pain is minimized. First, they must use ice packs to numb the area to be treated. Since Botox needles are extremely small, this simple form of numbness can greatly reduce sensitivity in the treatment area.

However, the true mark of a professional injector is the use of multiple needles during the procedure. Each time a needle is used, the point dulls slightly. And a dull needle causes much more pain than a sharp one. So after a few injections have been done, the needle should be replaced with a new one to ease the pain of a dull needle.