Basic Safety Tips When Using Loft Beds

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However, there are dangers associated with it. Here are basic safety tips to avoid injury when using bunk beds:-

1. Do not allow children under 6 years of age to rise above. However, most 6-year-olds have good climbing skills; It may take several more years before they understand how to use prudence and safety to make better decisions about their behavior above.

2. Always use the stairs to go up and down from the top floor. Many bunk beds have slats at both ends that look secure. However, only the ladder is specially designed for its weight.

3. Make sure your child does not jump into the bunk bed. While the dangers of jumping from above are obvious, even jumping from below can weaken the entire structure or cause head injury.

4. Place the bed close to the wall so that the child is not caught between the bed and the wall.

5. The straps will loosen over time. So look at the whole structure and tighten loose screws. In addition, check regularly that stairs, guardrails, and other sections are bolted properly and installed properly.

6. Never hang objects on any part of the bed, it is dangerous! Children can turn to them, stagger, and risk falling or choking.